Monday, August 22, 2011

Vintage Hair


I recently came across the oldest photograph of a human being while perusing the web in search of swipe. (top left center) The first thought that came to mind was... the hair is so classic and perfect for today's standards! This brought me to review what it is about hair that makes it look so great - especially in vintage photos. I keep referring to old pictures of my Dad in the seventies and how effortless his hair seemed. (far left/far right) Its a constant grooming conundrum - the modern man and how he's coiffed. In today's world of every type of product for every time of day that you must slather on... what made vintage hair so impeccable (sans lotions and potions)??

*it might have been dirt - but lets fantasize of another secret to perfect hair..
** 2 center images courtesy of Mr. Hedi Slimane

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